Day 2 of 30 Days About Me is almost as hard as Day 1, but instead of trying to focus on one song we're asked to choose our favorite movie. Ever. Yeah, I doubt anyone can do that.

But, I can reconcile posting just one here today because, really, this man deserves his own post. I remember when I went to see this movie; high school, with my friend Denise and her mother. Who knew there would be these incredibly sexy scenes with Kevin Costner? We sure didn't, but let me tell you that I've never looked at another bottle of nail polish without thinking of him. Seriously.

So Bull Durham gets my vote for all-time favorite movie. And, in all fairness, not just because I got to see Kevin Costner still wet from the shower wearing just a towel around his waist. Ok, mostly because of that. But also because of Susan Sarandon, my love for baseball and how the movie is hot without being vulgar. Nothing better.