Day 9 of the All About Me Challenge. Prompt: Something that makes my life easier. 

It would be natural to say something like my iPhone, my car, my computer or even my TV. And don't get me wrong, I appreciate each and every one of those things. But I'm reminded quite often these days, as Adam approaches the time that he'll move away for school, that my life is going to change drastically very soon.

Because this guy isn't your typical 15 year old. Yes, ok, in many respects he is. But he's also my rock. My friend. My babysitter, trash-guy and grocery carrier. He's the kid I can always count on to be calm, collected and thoughtful. The one who doesn't throw a fit, who sees the shades of gray when others insist it's black and white. The one who pries me away from work for couch time, reminds me that life is better with ice cream and kicks my tuckus in Words With Friends. 

He puts up with an awful lot; babysits his brother and sister while I work, is probably the only kid at school without a laptop, iPad and XBox and endures countless rounds of I Carly because his little sister loves it. And he loves her. 

I'm not sure how I got so lucky with each and every one of my kiddos, but I do know that when he leaves (and it will be soon…..far too soon) there will be a void so big  I'm not sure how I'll adjust. My only prayer is that I don't turn into one of those annoying 'helicopter' mothers who doesn't let him spread his wings. Because this boy…he deserves to fly.