Here’s the proof that therapy comes in blog form…..because there’s no where else to dump this out and not look like an idiot (and here I can look like an idiot and can’t see you laughing at me 😉

Last night I was on the computer checking email, and Adam was watching me. He noticed I was logging out and logging back in again, and asked why. I told him I have more than one email account, and he asked how many. I told him that if you count work, I have four.

I don’t think that’s a big deal. I have one that I’ve always had, forever, that my family uses and has become overrun with spam. I have one that I use to sign up for scrapbooking stuff. I have one that’s for the basket business. And I have one at work.

So this morning Adam says to Phil “Do you know that Mommy has 4 email addresses?” And what does Phil say? He tells Adam that he’s “spilled Mommy’s secret”. WTF?? I walked in in the middle of this conversation and when I asked what they were talking about it, Phil said “I told Adam that you having four email addresses that you never told me about was something you wanted to keep secret and that he blew your secret”.

NICE. Could he be any more passive aggressive?? And how the hell do I get through to him that these barbed comments about me to Adam are not healthy for Adam??
I know I can’t control what he says but that really pisses me off.

In other news (because even though I’m mad I’m going to refuse to dwell on THAT), Erin’s program was last night. She was the Christmas angel and delivered this SPEECH that blew my mind. I can’t believe a 4 year old can memorize all of that!! The kids were all so sweet and excited and looked so nice! I took pictures and video and will upload tonight 😉

Happy Thursday!!