I saw this quote on my Facebook stream this morning, as I was rushing around trying to leave the house on time for a radio interview for Listen to Your Mother: Kansas City.

“Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see.” Henry David Thoreau

I started a post yesterday that quickly turned negative. So I didn’t publish it, and I failed at this whole write-a-post-every-day-for-a-month-thing. I was thinking about perspective and how everyone’s outlook on life is different, and how it sometimes changes at different points in life. I was thinking about how I’m sometimes jealous of people who can always see the positive side of things. Truth is, I’ve always thought that my outlook on life was more realistic than negative; that’s how I labeled it, anyway. I’ve never been one to gloss over the icky bits to get to the feel-good stuff.

It’s not that I don’t want the feel-good stuff. It’s that sometimes I think we do ourselves a disservice to not acknowledge what’s hard and raw and less than shiny. I often wonder about the nuances of feelings lost when everything is good. How do you know how amazingly warm and comforting sunshine is if you’ve never stood outside on a gray, dreary day and longed for a ray of light?



Then I saw that quote this morning, and I realized that while I might not be the shiniest, happiest person on earth, what I see is beautiful. It’s the good with the bad, the funny with the tears, the sweet with the sour. I’m pretty sure I’d take it all for granted if everything was always just as I wanted it to be.

So I’m sticking with the comfort that comes with knowing that happy is happier when it’s tempered with sad, angry, complacent and all those things that we so often label as ‘negative.’

What do I see? I see life. And it’s beautiful.