So, just because I think I need a few more “major life changes” this year, I’m going to start job hunting again. There are lots of logistical reasons, and a few more “I hate coming to work everyday” reasons……let’s just say that I’ve left work in tears 3 days in the last week and I just think life is too short.

So since referrals have always served me well in the past, I’m telling everyone I know what I’m looking for. If you know someone who knows someone……then please let me know.

Ideally, my new job will be:

*In or really close to Olathe
*Family friendly (i.e. paid time off, will understand if I have to pick up and/or stay home with a sick child, etc)
*”normal” work schedule (weekdays)
*An atmosphere of respect and continual learning
*Other people there who really love what they do
*Decent wage (to support 3 kids) and benefits

Here’s the thing–I have no formal training other than my own business, but I’d love to get into marketing and business development. Not sales really, and not cold-calling. But marketing, business development, client retention, etc. I speak well in front of crowds, write well enough to be a columnist for a trade magazine, and can deliver a pretty good presentation (whether rehersed or impromtu). I don’t mind working odd hours to make up for time I miss because of the aforementioned sick kids, etc, and I work hard.

So, if anyone knows anyone who can steer me in the right direction, please let me know. Thanks :)