July. Sigh. Where has this year gone?!

As is fitting for a mid-year review, Ali asked us to do an evaluation of sorts on our word during June. Since my computer crashed and my printer still isn’t hooked up to my laptop, I’m improvising.


In one word, my experience so far has been: joyous. I’ve tried to really embrace life by saying YES more often. I said ‘yes’ when the kids said ‘are you getting in the pool, mom?’ and had a blast. I said ‘yes’ when the opportunity to travel presented itself. I said ‘yes’ when the universe said ‘would you like a little quiet every now and then?’. All in all, I’m giving a mindful ‘yes’ instead of an automatic ‘no’ more often than ever before, and it’s been fun.

What has most surprised you so far this year? Oh, surprises….yes, there have been a few, mostly those of misplaced trust and the sting that comes with realizing that people aren’t who they’ve pretended to be. The biggest, though, is probably how grateful I am to God for unanswered prayers. I may not have appreciated the manner in which I was prompted to move on, but I see it for the gift it is.

Three things I’ve enjoyed about this word: First, that it’s somewhat open. It adapts to my life, and I don’t’ have to be constantly planning to fit it in. It just does. Second, that it’s positive. Sure, there are some things I don’t want to embrace but I’m learning (little by little) that there is always some nugget of truth and goodness no matter how much the situation sucks. Third, that it encourages me to be proactive. The word ‘embrace’ requires action on my part, even if it’s just being open to seeing things in a different way.

The challenges I’ve faced related to my word: Honestly, I don’t t feel that the word has been challenging. Documenting it has been a mess, but only because of tech issues.

Things I’d like to accomplish by the end of the year: So much! A little more love for this blog, the launch of SingleMomTravels.com, branching out to national magazines rather than just local and finishing the year with a more definite plan of how to move forward in my freelancing career top the list work wise. More travel is always on my wish list. More music; I made a tentative goal to hear live music every month through the year, and while I haven’t made it quite every month I’m close. The place I’m failing and would like to fix most is taking better care of myself. I miss yoga.

So that’s it, my makeshift assignment. It’s been a busy month, filled with a trip for the three of us to Lake of the Ozarks, our first experience at a drive in movie, another trip to the K, weekly farmer’s market, dentist appointments and a very special birthday for my favorite 10 year old girl. I’ll be sharing more about our trips once SingleMomTravels.com is up and running; I hope you’ll come visit there!

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