It’s that time…blog hop time. My word this year is embrace.

And, since I’m being honest and I’m too damn tired to try to get any kind of project done that fits the prompt, I’m going to embrace reality and admit that I only logged on to look at Ali’s prompt about a week ago. And when I did? Well, it’ wasn’t pretty. I actually said something that Ali doesn’t deserve to have muttered in her direction.

Because the prompt was all about listening to what ‘the world’ is telling me about  my word. And make no doubt; I’m sure there are a gazillion messages about my word, my choices, my life and probably lots of other things bombarding me every day. I saw the feather placed right on the walk to my front door on a day I was feeling particularly lonely, and I heard Grandma’s voice a time or two when I was alone in the car, pondering the whys and how comes of current life.

But being honest means admitting that  I feel like I haven’t even had time to breathe this month much less listen. So I’ll totally own up to rolling my eyes and uttering a decidedly unladylike word when I read the prompt. And I’ll own up to not doing a project, and not even really thinking about my word. Sure, I can tell you what my word is, but could I tell you what it meant to me this month?


Then I looked through the photos I snapped with my phone; isn’t it amazing, how we can document our lives so easily these days? I think so, because when I look back through those photos I’m reassured that I haven’t snoozed through the month; in fact, I’ve had more than a full month.

I’ve watched the Royals win (no small feat, you know, considering their slide started right after I saw them kick some White Sox ass), stripped naked (emotionally speaking…I wouldn’t subject anyone to the physical equivalent) and shared my daughter story with a room full of mostly strangers, fell in love with 13 other women who did the same thing, locked my keys in my car, cursed and cried as my work computer crashed, giggled as my girl put on my clothes and pretended to be me, stopped to smell the roses my sweet family gave me, finished an entire book that had nothing to do with work, broke my car key right in half, enjoyed taking myself out to dinner at places I wanted to go instead of worrying about what anyone else wanted to do, watched my dad and my kids chase each other around a hotel pool, hugged my big guy, watched my baby sister graduate college, ate some amazing fried chicken, sat outside and watched a storm, baked cupcakes and brownies, planted my own roses, built a backyard container garden and filled it with veggie plants, drove my big guy back to school, drank a few margaritas, caught up with a friend and learned just how much it sucks to miss new friends.


This is what happens when your oldest child hates having his photo taken. The camera shakes and things get blurry. It’s the perfect picture for this month, though. And I love it.

There hasn’t been time to listen, and even though I’m happy that my month has been full I am worried that life right now is just too full. There’s precious little time to breathe, to listen, to just be. I know, in my gut, that a time will come when I will wish for more stuff to fill my days; when I’ll crave the company that pulls me out to do things  and long for the conversations that keep me up late. But for now, for today, busy wins.

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