It’s been forever since I’ve blog-surfed to my favorite scrappy places….tonight I ventured to a few and Stacy Julian had a ‘purse dump’ challenge. So, in typical Sunday-night-fashion of procrastinating just as long as I possibly can, I thought I’d play along. So…’s what’s in my current purse:

Nothing very exciting….a few too many lipsticks/lip glosses; ibuprofen; eye drops; IPod; Mary Kay goodies from Kendri; emery board; toothbrush; Mary Kay hand cream; tissues; sunglasses; coupons; KCZoo membership info; notebook; keys; Starbucks gift card; business cards; wallet; gum. Exciting, eh?

Of course, the point of this is not what’s in my purse as much as how much I miss that creative community I used to participate in–scrapbooking, altering, etc. I miss getting ink and glue all over my hands, playing with paint and inks. Hopefully, someday, I’ll find my way back.