Been thinking about this all day, the reverb10 prompt that I should be writing about: community. And I have to admit…..I've got nothin'. Sure, I could come up with something but it's just not a prompt that's speaking to me much.

One prompt I missed earlier in the month, though, is. Letting go. Surely had Alice Bradley met me even once she'd know that letting go isn't something I'm familiar with. I guess it's more of a common problem than it is my own special affliction, but really; we can be talking feelings, control, kids, or even old hole ridden clothes. Doesn't matter one bit, I hold on. Tightly.

But this past year I had no choice when it came to Adam and his starting high school. Being used to spending significant time being very involved in every little aspect of the kids' school, sending him off into this huge building that looked more like a college campus than any high school I remember, was a bit of a leap for me. Not knowing how the block schedule works, which kids make out on his locker or how many times he gets offered something he knows I'll kick his ass if he accepts is part of it. The bigger part, though, is that he doesn't need me anymore; ok, he needs me but not like he used to. It's a sharp reminder that in only a few short years he will be off–truly on his own–and building a life independent of me.

And while that is what our job as mothers is, to prepare them to lead happy, productive, good lives it still smarts just a bit to not be a part of it. I'm constantly reminded–by his calm nature, his confidence and his enthusiasm–that it's ok to let go, to watch him spread his wings and to encourage him to fly.