Slacker much (yes, that’s me). A week ago I won a generous $25 gc from Ri over at Music Savvy Mom….and guess what? Yeah, still haven’t used it. Just too much going on to really sit and plan out the purchase (which makes me sound a hell of a lot more Type A and structured than I really am, but in the spirit of keeping it real and all…..).

Anyway, the Catholic/first child/people pleaser in me figured I better at least get SOMETHING going here, lest MSM think I’m an ungrateful you-know-what. So….while not all of these are downloaded yet, here’s the beginning of my ‘wish list’ of what I’ll be searching Amazon for as soon as I can. In case you can’t tell, I’m in kind of a stripped-down, mellow mood. Until tomorrow, of course, when I’ll be blasting the Ting Tings, Scisssor Sisters and Abba again :)

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