Let’s pretend for just a minute that it’s still Monday instead of 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. Let’s pretend that the day didn’t get away from me because it was filled with profiles and articles and carpal tunnel and deadlines and tears.

The tears came as I read about Alexandra Rosasmother’s passing. It’s a surreal thing, this connection-by computer. I’ve never met Alexandra but I’m not ashamed to admit I wish we were friends; you know, the in real life, hug hard and laugh harder kind of friends that you know get you even though you can’t imagine why they’d want to hang with you in the first place.

So today, on what I’m pretending is still Listen to Your Mother Monday, I’m sharing the first time I learned of Alexandra. She read a piece in the 2011 LTYM show titled The Reach of a Small Moment, which touched me when I first saw it but brought me to my knees today as I thought of her and how her world has changed so drastically.

Like any piece written with truth, candor and wit it’s as pertinent today as it was the day she shared it. Even more poignant, perhaps, because now hindsight offers a nuanced perspective on what it means to be a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister and a mother.

Alexandra is a talented writer, a LTYM veteran, a blogger, a VOTY and an inspiration to me and, I imagine, countless others. I’ve been so moved each time I’ve caught a glimpse of the love she showered on her mom, the strength she had to get her mom out for ice cream and fresh air and the grace with which she handled bearing witness to the passing of her mother.

Please take a moment, even if today is the busiest of days, and listen to Alexandra’s memories of her Grandma. Read about her mother. Take anyone and everyone you love for ice cream, and remember that all we really have are these moments.

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