I’ve never liked Mondays until now. Now, I have something to look forward to because it’s Listen to Your Mother Monday and I’m having such fun watching videos to find just the one I want to share each week.

I found today’s video through a suggestion from my friend Greta, who was a fellow KC cast member. You’ll see her read ‘The Wondering‘ in a subsequent post, but after sharing Katy Jacob’s reading about cancer and Michelle Burdick’s reading about the lessons her mother never shared I thought a bit of levity was in order.

And let me tell you, Arnebya Herndon is levity and then some. She made me slap my hand over my mouth I laughed so loud but she’s also smart, real and someone I’d happily share my vodka with. She was in the DC cast of the 2013 Listen to Your Mother show. Enjoy!

Arnebya Herndon blogs at What Now and Why and tweets.

I hope you’ll share Arnebya’s reading on Twitter and/or Facebook. You can watch all the 2013 Listen to Your Mother videos on the Listen to Your Mother show YouTube channel.