Well, the time is here. Listen to Your Mother videos are up on the Listen to Your Mother YouTube channel. I won’t lie and tell you that I’m thrilled that I’m on video, because, honestly, it makes me a little bit crazy. But what I am happy about is that I can see so many other amazing women–some who are friends, many I’ve never met–take the stage and tell their story.

I joked on Twitter earlier this week that there are so many videos that I want to watch that it just might become a full time job. Problem is, it wouldn’t pay a dime, and I’m damn sure my landlord won’t accept the fact that rent is late because I just couldn’t pull myself away from the videos. So I’m going to limit myself to watching only a few per week.

I’m telling you all of this because I’ve decided to make Mondays just a bit better by starting Listen to Your Mother Monday. Each week I’ll feature a new Listen to Your Mother video that I’ve watched and loved. I’m sure some will be funny, others will be poignant and some will blow my socks off. That’s’ what happened at our Kansas City show, so I’m sure the shows across the country were no different.

If there’s one you’ve loved, or if you’d like for yours to be inclulded through the year, I hope you’ll share links with me (link up at the end of this post, please).

That said, I’m going to start this series with a video from 2012. I saw a link posted by my friend Erin Margolin this past weekend, asking that we take time to visit Katy’s blog. Katy is a young, vibrant, gorgeous mom and wife in Chicago. She fought breast cancer and survived, and read a piece titled ‘A Letter to My Daughter on Her Fifth Birthday’ in the 2012 Chicago Listen to Your Mother show.

Erin asked everyone to read Katy’s blog, and to support her, because she just found out she has breast cancer. Again. Still young, still vibrant and now facing the scary unknown. Again. Now her two kiddos are a few years older, and she’s now blogging about how to deal with a second diagnosis and how to tell her children that she has cancer. Again. That she’ll have chemo. Again. That she’ll probably lose her hair. Again.

It’s unfathomable, really, that a mother would have to have the conversation not once, but twice, with her children. I don’t know Katy, but I admire her strength, her honesty and her fierce love for her children even in the wake of devastating news. Please visit her, send her good thoughts, and find a kind word for someone else today. You never really know what battle someone is fighting.

I hope you’ll share Katy’s reading on Twitter and/or Facebook.