It’s Monday, so it’s time to listen to our mothers.

I can’t remember if it was the ever cool Greta or my sweet friend Ashley who suggested this reading when I put out a ‘help me pick a few of your favorites to feature’ plea not too long ago. I know that more than one person told me that Kristin’s piece resonated with them, and I’m so glad that they shared; as I listened to Kristin muse about leaving her son with a nanny, I thought back to when Adam was born, and how hard it was for me to leave Adam with a caregiver. It should have been easier, in theory anyway; but it wasn’t. It was agony to not spend those moments with him, and it killed me that I was missing even a minute of that sweet time of his life.

But, like Kristin, I had to do just that. And just as she mused that serial killers don’t have freckles, I rationalized that a grandma to others would take just as good care of my kid as she had of her own. He turned out fine, of course, and he doesn’t remember that he spent time anyplace other than with me.

I don’t know that I’ll ever forget, though, how hard it was for me to leave him. I don’t know that I’ll ever forget how much I missed him when we were apart. Kristin WAS brave; something tells me she still is.

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