It’s Listen to Your Mother Monday! And let me tell you, it’s not easy choosing just one video to share. There are so many that I can’t wait to feature, so I hope you’ll keep coming back each week, and that you’ll link up with your very own favorites.

This week I can’t help but share a fellow Kansas City mama, Michelle Burdick. At our first read through, none of us knew each other’s stories. I didn’t know, as I sat there scared out of my wits to read my own piece, if anyone would understand why I had to write about the not-so-pretty side of my mother/daughter story.

Then Michelle read her piece. And we cried, all of us, because we didn’t expect that story from the beautiful, smiling, generous soul we’d recently met. Michelle is so very fierce; petite in stature, stunningly beautiful and as genuine as they come. As her words came so did the realization that I wasn’t alone. In fact, I felt like I’d instantly connected with someone who got me, even when I couldn’t muster the words to speak.

I’d be less than honest if I didn’t tell you that she’s one of my favorite people, and am seriously contemplating having this picture of us blown up and mounted someplace I can see every. single. day. Karen Ledford, our amazing photographer, caught us striking our power pose; someone had talked about how body language helps us feel empowered, in control and less nervous. Seeing as how we were both sharing stories that aren’t easy to hear, we took advantage.



The difference between Michelle and I is that she’s been able to cultivate a relationship with her mom. I admire her, and how she loves and advocates for everyone. She’s living proof that life isn’t about finding the biggest umbrella, but about dancing in the rain.

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