Technically it’s still Monday, at least for the next ten minutes. I’m beginning to think I should have known better than to think I could interrupt an invoice day to make sure I had a post ready; but this is how much I love being able to share these videos every week. I don’t care that it’s almost midnight and I’m exhausted. I have to share this with you.

This sweet soul was kind enough to tweet me the link to her LTYM reading from the New York show this year. She did so because she’d seen me blog about taking my big guy back to school, helping him carry in a few boxes, and then drive away without him. Again.

I instantly liked Rebecca. I love her wit, her honesty and her ridiculously cute glasses. I wish I was brave enough to copy her haircut, and felt myself well up when she talked about her mother and then her son. It’s this that I adore about Listen to Your Mother; the sharing of stories and the feeling of knowing that no matter how different we are as mothers or daughters we are not alone.

Please watch Rebecca read “Homage” and visit her site. She’s the author of Henny on the Couch, a book I’ll be adding to my collection of I-so-want-to-read-this-someday-books soon.

I hope you’ll share Rebecca’s reading on Twitter and/or Facebook.  You can watch all the 2013 Listen to Your Mother videos on the Listen to Your Mother show YouTube channel.