There are a million little moments that come together to make a production like Listen to Your Mother happen. Each cast, in each city, is comprised of unique women with different experiences, different outlooks on life and different life experiences. Sitting on the stage that light last May, I was overcome with how our stories weaved together to paint a picture of the complexity of motherhood; the view is different when we have toddlers than it is when the nest is empty, and each reading gave a little glimpse of what ‘motherhood’ means to people whose experiences have been different than mine.
Sarah Guthrie was on the precipice of empty nesthood when she read her piece in the KC LTYM show. Having survived the toddler years and the teenage angst, she was able to reflect on the unique gifts each of her two children has been to her in their own unique ways. I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to her read ‘The Best Thing I Have Done.’

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