For anyone and everyone who has suffered through allergies……..I am so very sorry! I had no idea until they hit me this year just how horrible they can be.

I’ve never had allergies in my life. Never. The past couple of weeks, though, they have knocked me out. My eyes are swollen and beyond itchy, something has taken residence in my throat and won’t move out, I am simultaneously congested and drippy at the same time and I sneeze more than I can even count anymore. My nose and eyes are rubbed raw. It’s miserable.

I called my doc’s office yesterday and, yet again, they’re too booked to see me (last time was with Erin & her hives…..I don’t like this trend). So I went to walk in care after work yesterday. Of course the wait was long and it took all of 3 minutes for the PA to “examine” me and say “yep, it looks like allergies”. Wrote me a scrip for 2 things–steroid nasal spray and Allegra (because I’ve tried Claritin, Tylenol Allergy and Zyrtec and they did nothing for me).

Thing is, though, insurance wouldn’t approve the Allegra without talking to the doc–and according to the whiz at Walgreens’ pharmacy that can take “several days”. And the nasal spray is $45!!!!! So I stocked up on Benadryl and Sudafed. So far it’s not helping at all but we’ll see what today brings.

So I apologize to anyone and everyone I’ve ever secretly thought their allergies couldn’t possibly be as bad as they were making them out to be. I now know better.

Oh–and about those bananas. My sister Brenna made them once and I just tried to remember what she put in them–melt some butter, dump in some brown sugar, stir until it’s melty and caramel-y looking, add a bit of half & half (or milk), a bit of vanilla (I think maybe she used almond extract, I can’t remember) and then fold in bananas. YUM.