Just when I thought work couldn’t get any more dramatic….this week hit. Let’s see: I confronted my boss and told her she’s a liar, told her boss that she’s a liar and gave her cold hard proof, had the account manager call in sick every day and decide to take a leave b/c she’s emotionally distressed, had a record number of people not show up for their appointments, which left me scrambling for candidates (I finally have some good positions and I can’t find the people!!!), man a career fair table at a local school–THAT was an eye opener………and yet, amid all that, I was bored. Go figure.

Today was a big day because I met with my attorney to sign the divorce papers. He was surprised that I didn’t want to ask for maintenance from Phil (wouldn’t amount to much anyway), that I didn’t want to fight with him about anything, and that I want it to be as easy for the kids as possible. He said he doesn’t see that much. After he files (next week) there is a mandatory 60 day waiting period. Depending on which judge we draw, we could have the decree entered on Day 61, or we might have to wait a bit longer. It’s the luck of the draw. Best case scenario, though, I could be done with this by September 1 (if I’m lucky).

I’ve been trying to get back to my walking & water routine to start feeling a little better. I heard a therapist on Oprah (I think it was Oprah) say once that for every pound we’re overweight there is an issue that’s “attached” to that pound. Since I’m moving on from everything else (marriage, business, etc) I figure it’s way past time to shed this extra padding. New me :)

Best part of the day: after dinner we went outside and sat on the porch. Erin wanted to watch the ‘pink clouds’ (they really did look pink). So while she & I sat there, she wrapped her arms around my arm, laid her head against me and said “Mommy, this is a very special moment.” She was so serious and sweet–made my day.