One Little Word bloghop time. Feet to the fire time. 

This month was all about vision. I liked this prompt because I've always thought about doing a vision board but never have. The idea of taking some time to think about images and words that resonate with me is right up my alley, but the vision part isn't. I can't even get myself to make a to-do list the night before; thinking about an entire year at a time is a challenge.

But a good one, because as I ripped pages from magazines and let them clutter my table for the better part of the month, the quiet work behind the scenes was solidifying what I want this year to be. Embracing my year means embracing myself; my health, my self image, my thoughts, my actions, my habits (the good and the bad). And as I shuffled those ripped out pages from one place to another, I realized that it's my voice that it always seems to come back to.

My voice. In February I submitted a piece to the Kansas City production of Listen to Your Mother. It wasn't an easy piece to write, but it's the story I own about my own mother. I'm sad (ok, more than just a little sad) that I'm not going to Blissdom later this month but I'm hoping that I can make BlogHer in Chicago work. Today I'm guest posting over at Erin's blog, where she graciously opens her space and allows writers to talk about their writer's roots. Later in the month I'll guest post at Greta's. I'm becoming more comfortable with my voice. Not dance in my skivvies comfortable just yet, but definitely dance like no one is watching comfortable. 

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