Just that title makes me smile :)

I sort of took an unintentional hiatus last week….not that I crawled into a hole but I did funk out a bit. I know that when I have a hard time sleeping that things are bothering me more than I realize, and that’s been part of the problem all last week….I can’t fall asleep, then when I’m asleep I constantly wake up. Anyone who knows me knows that’s just not like me, so I just haven’t been myself lately.

That’s not to say that last week wasn’t great–because really, it was. I got some amazing girlfriend time last week that’s been sorely missing for quite a while. Met three girls from high school for dinner & drinks on Wednesday night. Funny that we got together now because I wasn’t great friends with any of them in high school. And after sitting and laughing with them I’m a little sad that we weren’t friends then because they are each amazing, strong, funny women. Hoping we make time for more margaritas again soon.

And Saturday night I really lucked out and had a ridiculously wonderful night with Kelly. From the martinis to the shrooms to the conversation to Starlight, I serioulsy think that was the BEST date I’ve ever had. :) (No, not that kind of date….get your mind out of the gutter people).

So other than more alcohol and better food than usual, I kept busy with a whopping 3 interviews for a position with a company in Lenexa (and that doesn’t include the first initial phone “conversation” and the online personality assessment). They called today and asked me to come in again to “discuss a few more things” if I’m still interested in the position. And I have to be honest–I’m torn about whether I am really interested. On the one hand it’s nice to be approached and offered an opportunity, and I would really enjoy certain parts of the job. BUT there is the issue of the cold call requirement (50/week) that just keeps nagging at me. Could I do it? Yeah. Do I want to ? Don’t know.

And I haven’t explored any other options…..I’ve sent out resumes and applications but haven’t had any other bites. I don’t want to make the mistake of jumping on the first thing that comes along only because it’s the first thing……this is probably babbling and not making much sense, but that’s where my brain is right now.

So I’m back to my old pro/con list. Pros: better income potential than an admim position; ability to work on my own more and not be chained to a desk; will be able to get out and meet people; close to home; opportunity to advance and be challenged. Cons: cold calls, cold calls, cold calls.