Well hello, May. I'm happy to see you.

April whizzed by so quickly it's little more than a blur, and was filled with the usual routine of work and kids but it was also a month of looking at my word–embrace–with new eyes. As I stop and think about it, I'm happy at how I lived my word this month.

I've embraced my voice as I've practiced for the upcoming Listen to Your Mother show; I've embraced change and am excited about what I'm calling 'my year of dating myself'. I'm done with worrying about doing things alone, and don't care anymore if I sit by myself in a restaurant or wander around anywhere solo. That used to be the norm for me; I traipsed across Chicago by myself years ago, before kids and when I was just 'Lisa' instead of 'Lisa the mom' or 'Lisa the writer'.  Admittedly, I'm starting slow; but I wandered into a new restaurant in an iffy part of town and was rewarded with the most beautiful bowl of Chinese food I think I've ever had and a quiet little corner where I could either read my book or indulge my love of people watching. It was delightful. 

I've embraced the occasional day off to hang with my kids, and this month spent a day at the Nelson with Nicholas. It was alternately fun and exasperating to hang with eleven seventh graders for an entire day; fun because their perspective is so different than mine but exasperating because it's not easy to corral that many teens, especially when you're not their parent and they know no one else is watching.

I've embraced that fact that there are little signs everywhere that remind me of what I need to know. The sign in Nicholas' school that urges me to see the good, the funny post on Facebook that memorializes my favorite word (for now) and the abundant goodies on Pinterest that remind me that while an asshat here and there might bring me down, I can choose what (and who) gets to stay in my world and how much attention I pay. 

I chose to do my page a little differently than Ali's prompt. I flipped the orientation and changed up my photo sizes, but I also added an additional page. I'm learning that even though I'm no artist, I dig getting my hands inked and look forward to paint under my nails. So I sprayed and combed and glittered just because it makes me happy.

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