That’s what I got today….no work combined with the kids being at their Dad’s house meant I could grab a coffee and head off to wander some stores I haven’t been to in ages (and a few I’ve been to quite a bit, but alone and without anyone asking me to buy them anything!).

The good thing about mental health days is that it allows me to clean out some of the cobwebs clogging up my brain. I think a bit more clearly, have a little bit more focus and feel renewed and ready to take on all sorts of projects. In fact, we have some great plans for the rest of July, including travelling to Hays for my dad’s 60th birthday and travelling to DesMoines for my friend Kristen’s wedding.

This weekend, though, we need a ‘hang out at home and nest’ kind of weekend. There will be lots of cleaning and laundry, and lots of cooking. On the list:

A big batch of marinara sauce
Dressed up cupcakes
and more, depending on what we pick up at City Market in the morning. Happy weekend everyone :)