I need to stop listening to the “weather teasers”……because I went to bed practically begging for God to make it nasty and horrible out this morning so I’d get a snow day. Yes, I know, realistically, that I’d still be expected at work even in a snow storm. A girl can dream, though, can’t she? (I also know that I’m not supposed to pray for selfish things like that, but Lord strike me down I did anyway).

Nothing like setting myself up for disappointment, huh?

Don’t get me wrong, I like going to my job. It’s getting stressful and there are things about it that are not my favorite things in the world, but overall I’m lucky to be employed, and to be employed in such a “cushy” job at that.

I would, however, really, really, really, really like a day off. Without the kiddos bickering and fighting over who got more marshmallows in their hot chocolate. Without the incessant taunting of Sponge Bob in the background all day long. Without hearing the phrase “I’m hungry” every 30 minutes.

But, I suppose, not today. So off I go to refill my coffee, get dinner in the crockpot and get prepped for yet another day. Happy Monday :)