Cupcake Sundays continue, even though I don't post about them every single week. They have morphed just a bit….most recently into Pumpkin Whoopie Pies but usually just as triple chocolate cupcakes. That one has won quite a bit lately, not because we're all so enamored with the flavor but because Erin has mastered the recipe as well as the mixer, and loves nothing more than being able to say she did it all herself. 

And, as we all know, life is made up of more than just Cupcake Sundays. There's those pesky other 6 days of the week that are typically filled with things not nearly as sweet, yet we move through them. Sometimes more slowly than we'd like, as has been the case here lately. Hovering between the 'feeling fine' and 'feeling almost-but-not-quite-sick' continuum, filling time with things that don't belong in blog-land (gasp!!), people I like so much that I'd rather hang with them than sit at the computer and trying to keep up with work all combine to a neglected blog. You'd think that would give me plenty to write about….and in some respects, you'd be correct. Problem is, all those thoughts and subjects get jumbled up and even though they make sense to ME, they don't really translate well without a good block of time and a better bottle of wine.

So, instead, I'm going to tell you what I'm learning from Cupcake Sundays. Because we originally started as a way to share a hobby with my girl AND a sneaky way to get to to learn many things she my not be interested in otherwise (measurements, time in the kitchen, etc). Funny things happen on the way to the oven, though, and I realize that I'm learning more from her than she'll probably ever learn from me. 

Take today, for example. The recipe is simple and reminiscent of those Hostess cupcakes with the fluffy marshmallow middle. Truth be told I was somewhat annoyed with my girl; I had a headache, was preoccupied with other thoughts and frustrated that she was flitting about the kitchen, being her light hearted self. I kept tripping over her, bumping into her and got tired of counting how many times I said "STOP TWIRLING ON THE FLOOR!". 

Then I turned around from putting the trays in the oven, and saw this:  

What you can't see here is that her tongue is out, and she's panting, and she's dying…..dying….to lick the bowl. 

And I realized that part of what is so amazing to her about Cupcake Sundays is the anticipation. She's not at the stage yet where she rushes everything just for the sake of doing….she embraces the excitement, delights in thinking about how good something will be and waits (not always patiently) for what she sees as the supreme payoff. 



And then this:


Pure. Simple.. Living in the moment. Oblivious to how she looks or what anyone else might think. Happy.

And I realized that at the ripe old age of 8, she knows everything I've been trying to figure out my entire life. I often tell her that I want to be just like her when I grow up, and she always responds with "but Mommy, you already ARE growed up." If she only knew :)