I wish the pictures that I take would actually look like I think they’ll look when I snap them.


Today’s #perspective.

Like this one. I took it last night from Nicholas’ room. Through his window I saw sparkles dancing in the air, flakes floating by the window and a sense of calm and quiet that I often crave but rarely see. I saw my love/hate relationship with this weather; hating the inconvenience of the drifts but loving the serenity they invite.

Two days in, now, and knowing that there will be a total of six before the kids are gone by 8:00 a.m., I’ve given in to the drifts and embraced being stuck inside and turned my focus to s’mores and new books and the three of us on the couch, reading aloud as we giggle and squirm. The work isn’t getting done but the mothering is. The giggling is. The snuggling is.

I remind myself that it’s┬áthe frame of mind that matters, not the frame of the picture, and that it doesn’t really matter if I’m the only one who sees the sparkles.

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