Reverb 9: What was the best book you read in 2012, and why? (And by "Why?" I mean: Why did you read it? And why was it your favourite? Although these answers could be one and the same…!)

If you only knew how many books I have, just waiting to be read. They taunt me, really, and I've let them. All year I've let them sit, collecting dust and sideways glances, while I do other things. While I work, mother, play solitaire, watch TV or just stare off into space. I think about reading them. I crave the peace that I always feel when I curl up on the couch, a warm mug in one hand and a heavy book in the other, kept company only by a quilt and the occasional distraction.

But I don't read them. Truth be told, I've read one book in its entirety this year; sure, I've read bits and pieces of others. A few that I was sure I'd love, but didn't. Countless books for business that I've read enough to understand the lesson, but the reading was done in such disjointed sessions that it seems disingenuous to say I've truly read them. 

But my favorite, though we're still reading it, is Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters. It's a book I picked up for Erin months ago, not really knowing the story but thinking it might be fun to read together. I broached the idea with her a couple of times before she actually caved; now, we crawl into her bed 30 minutes before lights out, and we take turns reading pages to each other.

I love the book because it seems full of surprises that resonate with both of us. Cornelia loves cupcakes, just like my girl. Virginia calls herself a writer and storyteller, just like me. They both love words; Erin's not quite ready to admit that she does, but I secretly I think she does. I know I do.

The core of the story so far shares Cornelia's longing for time with her mother, a famous pianist who leaves her daughter more often than not with her housekeeper. The dynamics of the relationship are, I'm sure, different for me than they are for Erin, but it's an interesting set of emotions to explore together. We giggle as we mispronounce words, and she rolls her eyes as I remind her to slow-down-because-I-can't-understand-you-when-you-read-so-fast-please.

The best part? She's reminding me now that it's time to read. So those books on my own shelf can continue to collect dust; they'll wait for me to have time. She won't.

I'm making a goal to read 13 in 13. You can join me! Check out what Little White Dove has set up for us!


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