No matter where I go, here I am.

To say that walking into the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, Texas, today brought back memories is like saying Elvis was fond of his blue suede shoes.

It was in 2004 when I first set foot in that monstrous hotel in Grapevine. A lifetime ago, really, when I was still a Mrs. and my kiddos still called me ‘mommy’ without reservation.

Now it’s 2013 and I’m a Ms. A single mom to three kids who have grown even more amazing, but more often call me ‘mom’ than ‘mommy,’ especially when in the company of anyone other than family.

The Gaylord looks the same as it did in 2004.

I've closed that basket business that originally brought me to Grapevine and have held the titles of paralegal, staffing manager, business development manager and paralegal (again). I've been laid off, hated going to work each day and been fired (we called it something different, but that’s what it was, really). I've fought the assumption of a few people that single moms are always sad, bitter and less of a mom than married counterparts because we've ‘lost our man’. 

I've dropped more balls than I can count, dated more men than I’d care to admit and spent countless hours worried about what I’m doing and if I’m doing it ‘right’. 

But I've also begun to claim my voice. I've established a career as a writer and I've shared my story. I was reminded tonight, as I chatted with Ahmad, the lovely man who drives for the Fairfield Inn in Grapevine, just how twisty my road has been. Ahmad asked how I can be a writer without having gone to school to be a writer.

My answer was ‘I just write. It’s who I am and what I do, and I don’t know that I can explain it any other way.’  How appropriate that Blissdom’s theme is ‘Your life. Your bliss. Your conference.’

No matter where I go, here I am.

I'm linking up today with Mama Kat's Losin It's Writer's Workshop, and my post was inspired by option number 1: write a post that begins and ends with the same line.