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Funny how words can sometimes sneak up on us. I was very deliberate when I chose mine this year. Invest wasn’t just about money, but that element was certainly at the top of the list. The word was also about energy, engagement, trust, love and so many other components that help me decide where to invest my resources. I went back to read my original post, just to reacquaint myself with where I was, as opposed to where I am now:

And while there is an element of money in my choice, it’s not myopic. It’s more about my intentions, and how I choose to invest what is in my control rather than piddle it away. Do I invest in time with my kids or waste it doing something unimportant? Do I invest in myself by exercising and eating healthy food, or do I take it for granted? Do I invest in a relationship with someone I care so much about, or stupidly let fears and worries get in the way? When December comes, and I write about 2012 in hindsight, what will I say I invested in and how will I regret having wasted time, chances or money? That’s why I chose this word.

This month’s assignment was to review our list from earlier this year and choose. Ali suggested that we choose either a battle or we choose to celebrate. Anyone who knows me knows that I flinch when I’m told what to do, so of course I chose both. Truly, though, it’s not so much about reacting to her suggestion as it is realizing that celebration and struggle need each other; without struggle I wouldn’t relish in the celebration, and without the promise of  celebration there’s be so much less impetus to struggle.

As I sit here, on October 1, I have to say that I’ve been true to my word…for the most part. I’ve spent the year so busy that I haven’t yet carved out much time to invest in myself; I paid for yoga but haven’t gone, keep buying spinach for smoothies but don’t make them, and think Trader Joe’s should start a buy 10 get 1 free program because I buy so much of their coffee instead of water. Such is life; when I’m ready for it to change, I know it will.

My biggest hurdle is really in my own mind, and it boils down to the issue of choice. I found myself the other day saying ‘I have to write ____,’ or ‘I have to finish _____,’ and–the biggie– ‘I have to start wogging again.’ My biggest hurdle is replacing the word ‘have’ with ‘get’. I’ve been blessed with an amazing life. I choose my work (for the most part), I can protect time with my kids (for the most part), I get to hang out with an amazing guy who eats guilt ridden Cheddar Ale soup because I didn’t find time for dinner and I have friends who actually like spending time with me.  What’s not to celebrate?

Thanks for stopping by this month. Happy Fall!

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