We don’t typically go…..I am not one for crowds and it’s always just such a pain with no parking, etc. But this year Adam was in the parade, marching with the Rowdy Crowd from school (and those of you who know Adam know how ironic that is). So after we dropped Adam off, we drove around and found parking and walked on over.

Only at a small town parade can you be stuck behind the extended family that demands that their larger-than-small-children dogs join them for the parade while they chain smoke during the whole thing. Good thing they’re patriotic, though, and stood up long enough to acknowledge whenever a flag passed by on a float (and made comments about others who weren’t as quick to their feet). (Sorry, that was snarky, but they really annoyed me!)

This parade was over 90 minutes long….and we left before it was even over!!!! Can you imagine–Erin is hungry every 10 minutes, both of the had to go to the bathroom, and I was a terrible planner and didn’t bring any chairs to sit in. Even so, it was fun to watch all the school bands, cheerleaders and community groups marching. I thought the two funniest/most “interesting” things were (1) there were several churchs that were in the parade, and more than a handful of them were in the back of trucks singing (like they were in a band–guitars and drums and lead singer and back up singer) (not the Catholic Church, of course!) and (2) the limo driving with all the Republican candidate signs was immediately followed by the Peace hippy van :)