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What is the deal with me and March? I never realized it before, but when I look back to years past, March seems to be a dark and transitional time. I wonder if it's because the bright and shiny attitude of New Year's resolutions has died a quick and painful death, or if it's because–usually–we're frozen and sick of winter, or if, for whatever reason, my planets just align that way every year.

This year, though, was different. This year, March brought lightness, warmth and good news. It started with Erin giving a special presentation to her class about her favorite subject: cupcakes. She researched and prepared an entire report (that Nicholas 'edited' and they bound in an old-school report cover) and then practiced standing in front of an audience to tell everyone why she loves cupcakes. Before the big Monday we baked two flavors: cinnamon roll for the kids, french toast with candied bacon for the adults. She gathered her cupcake apron and our goodies, and I joined her in her classroom.

Her teacher is so wonderful this year, and has encouraged her to find her gifts and talents. She set up a camera and recorded as Erin stood in front of her classmates and told them about Candace Nelson, Cupcake Wars and her favorite recipes. We handed out cupcakes and Erin toured the school, handing out extras to favorite teachers. I am always a proud mom, but I was particularly so that day because she beamed as she shared what she loves. 

In other big kid news, Adam was accepted to KAMS and is busy preparing for his big adventure in five short months. Nicholas had a more quiet month, but he filled it with drawings of dragons, learning magic tricks and scoring almost perfectly on assessments.

March was also a month of travel. I got to cross something off my bucket list by visiting DC and seeing the cherry blossoms in bloom. We were there at the beginning of the season, and it was a perfect trip. I was a bit nervous, because I traveled with one of my favorite people. We hadn't yet gone anywhere together; heck, between our kids and work and everything else we've never even had a full day together before. So I obsessed that he'd find me ridiculously annoying if he was stuck with me for too long.

But we walked, and looked, and ate and explored and the time went so quickly it seemed like as soon as we landed we were taking off again. As I snapped our one and only 'together' picture while we waited for the airport shuttle that last day, he teased me a bit and said that he hadn't yet 'arrived' because I haven't talked much about him here on the blog. I tried to reassure him that it's because he's arrived that I haven't written much about him here; I choose to live my life wide open, but he didn't. It's not fair of me to splash someone else's reality into the big www, so I've been really careful to keep a big part of my life hidden behind blog pages. 

But in reality, it's partly because of him that this March was different, and I am grateful. I find it amazing that, even though he's busier than just about anyone else I know, he makes time to hang out with me. So in case there's any doubt whatsoever, my hope is that he sticks around for a good, long time. 

It was also a month of reconnecting with friends I've missed and connecting with a gifted high school writing student who just needs someone to believe he can do it. My word–invest–has taken a very practical shape as I look ahead to investing in Adam's education, but it also took shape in softer, everyday ways that make me smile. Investing in work that I love, protecting my time as my most precious commodity and realizing that I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you, March, for the attitude adjustment. 

Your next stop on the hop is Donna. See you in May!

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