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April's assignment put me in a bit of a pickle. Not because the idea isn't a good one. But because the idea and I have history; unfinished business, so to speak. See, way back in my senior year of high school, Fr. Frank had us write letters to ourselves; letters to our future selves that he promised to mail to us when we asked, presumably at one of those milestone events like a wedding or the birth of our first child.

And there was the problem. I never contacted Fr. Frank to have my letter returned to me, because I remember the first line of what I wrote. That's all I really need to remember to know that I didn't want it back. In my defense, I was a snotty senior, hell bent on getting out of the life I thought I didn't want for the one I thought I did. So that first line, today, reminds me of just how young and naive I really was. The first line in question? "Dear Lisa, If you're either married or have children, end it now as quickly as you can. Obviously things aren't going well."

Nice, eh? So this month's assignment wasn't met with open arms until I realized that it's just a twist on what I'm already doing. I'm working on so many projects right now that center around being mindful, making choices on purpose instead of being reactionary, and doing things because they bring joy instead of doing things because I "have" to. So it wasn't so hard to write after all. The harder part was realizing that I don't follow the advice I give others, which is "be kind to yourself." I'm still working on that one.

So, perhaps a bit out of my 'let it all hang out' motto, I'm keeping this letter to myself. Trust me, though, it's there. And I'm glad it is.

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