Here we are again….beginning another year. January was a funny month. Funny ha-ha as well as funny ironic, right down to the weather. I don't know that I recall a January devoid of snow and filled with days that required only a sweater or a light jacket, but that's what we've been enjoying. And you'd think that I'd be rejoicing in it; but, truth is, it's thrown me off a bit. No doubt we're enjoying it; I just don't think we've fully embraced it. We're too busy waiting for winter as we know it to make an appearance.

In the meantime, a new year of One Little Word has started. I've participated in Ali Edward's One Little Word movement for several years now. I was most active last year, when I joined Margie in her blog hop starting in March and continuing each month. It was a great way for me to keep my word close throughout the month, even when life got hectic and I may have otherwise just let it go. I'd done that in years past….treated my word like a standard resolution, and fell out of love with it sometime in February.

This year I really struggled to find a word. I decided to try to be quiet and let the word find me. Anyone who knows me knows full well that I typically don't do well with 'quiet'; I need some type of noise or activity, if only in the background, to think clearly. All too often that comes in the form of a movie on TV; usually one I've seen countless times, so I don't really watch. Instead I let it become the soundtrack to my day(s).

Hope Floats is a perennial favorite, and I was particularly struck by a scene in which Birdie's mother issues a reprimand of sorts. I tried to find a clip but couldn't; so if you haven't seen the movie it's basically a reminder, from a mother to a daughter, that life is fleeting and that chances are not infinite. "It's the worst kind of extravagance, the way you spend your chances." Those words stuck with me more this particular time than they have in the past, and inspired the choice of an unusual word: invest.

I usually shy away from words or topics about money. It makes me uncomfortable. So, on the surface, this is a very odd choice. And while there is an element of money in my choice, it's not myopic. It's more about my intentions, and how I choose to invest what is in my control rather than piddle it away. Do I invest in time with my kids or waste it doing something unimportant? Do I invest in myself by exercising and eating healthy food, or do I take it for granted? Do I invest in a relationship with someone I care so much about, or stupidly let fears and worries get in the way? When December comes, and I write about 2012 in hindsight, what will I say I invested in and how will I regret having wasted time, chances or money? That's why I chose this word.  

Aesthetically speaking, I don't get to scrap as much as I'd like to and I have a stash of old products that I feel compelled to use before I purchase much else. This typically means that my work looks the same all. the. time. But I feel a renewed sense of energy and a desire for brighter, happier colors in 2012. So even though I'll never be mistaken for a 'happy scrapper' I've tried to bring color and a new perspective to this OLW Album. I'm choosing orange as a base and infusing pink and teal and whatever else strikes my fancy. We'll see how that works out, but for now it feels good.

If you're so inclined, you can revisit my 2011 musings here, and I hope you'll join us again in March for another hop. Your next stop is Rebekah,and boy does she have a neat little corner of the web. If you get lost, the entire list of hoppers is at the bottom of this post (please remember we go live on Feb. 1; depending on which time zone you're in, you might be a bit early. Come back, though; everyone will be up soon!).

Happy 2012, everyone! I think it's going to be an amazing year.

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