And it’s all Kelly’s fault :) Her blog linked me to this blog which linked me to this site where I took this test which reminded me that I’d taken this test…..and the tests pretty much say the same thing. One says I’m an INFP, the other says my dominant qualities are Empathy, Learner, Restorative, Intellection, Input……wanna know what the “ideal” careers suggested are? Counselor, teacher, writer, psychologist, musicia, clergy. (Yeah, the last two cracked me up too :) So what I’ve been doing all along (trying to have a business, paralegal, staffing) were probably totally in the wrong field for my personality.

I wish I would have taken these tests when I was in high school or college, or that I’d sought out the advise of career services or a guidance counselor. Not that I haven’t learned things from my endeavors along the way, but dang–I’ve got lots of time behind me that’s been pretty darn unfocused.

Good advice for my kids, maybe….if they’ll listen!