Welcome to the April 2012 edition of the One Little Word Blog Hop. If you're new to the hop, please scroll to the bottom of this post for more info and a complete list of participants. If you're going in order, you've clicked through from Jamie's blog, and your next stop is Jenn.

April and I have history. This idea of writing a letter to myself not only now, but to my future self a year from now, isn't one that I look forward to. In reality, I think I write letters to myself all the time, right here on my blog and the through the late night scribbles in my journal. And looking ahead a year has never really been my thing. This year, it's even more daunting because of the big changes the coming year will bring.

I'm choosing to keep my letters private once again, but I did go back and read last year's letter. I have to admit it was refreshing. I sometimes get bogged down in the everyday, and feel like I'm stuck. Seems like my routine 

 doesn't vary much, and usually involves some combination of taking care of kids, working and cleaning with a little bit of time for me or with friends sprinkled in. In the everyday, it can seem like I'm not making much progress, but reading my letter from last year made me rethink that theory. I'm grateful for this exercise that I fought, because it's a great reminder that I'm not as stuck as I sometimes think. 

This next year will be interesting. With Adam moving away to college and Nicholas moving to Jr. High, my word–invest–takes on a very real (and very expensive) prominence in my world. It's causing me to face budgets, work smarter AND harder, and savor these last few months before our little family changes. I can't really pretend that I'm totally ready, because I'm not. But I know that we'll be alright. We always are.

Thanks for stopping by this month! Be sure to visit Jenn next, and to hop on through the entire list. Talented folks, these hoppers. A big thanks, as always, to Margie for taking the time to put this all together. You keep me accountable to my word, and I'm grateful for that.

One Little Word is an online class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, lead by Ali Edwards. Through a series of monthly prompts, Ali encourages us to let one single word guide our year. My 2012 word is invest, and you can read about my 2011 and 2012 One Little Word thoughts here.

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