It's blog hop time again….but I must beg mea cupla from my fellow participants for posting late. This is one of my favorite things about the One Little Word class….being able to hop from blog to blog and reconnect with others who are working on their own special word for the year.

This month we were encouraged to breathe. In fact, we weren't given a project. No journaling, no prompts, no creating. And for me, that's torture. I struggle with the 'just be' concept and consistently fill my world with noise….noise that keeps the walls up, noise that keeps the doubting voices muted and noise that fills the time. I know the noise is not (always) my friend, yet I welcome it in and embrace it as if I've missed it terribly. Truth is, I'd like to put it in its' place, once and for all.

But that takes baby steps. Itty, bitty, tiny baby steps to realize that closing my eyes and getting lost in the noise isn't the way to find connection, contentment or peace. It isn't the way to build the life that I want, but it certainly is a guaranteed way to keep the life I have. As I reflected on the month, I tried to stretch past the 'you didn't get anything done' line that I usually cop to and instead counted the little moments that are my baby steps. I am grateful for those steps. The baby steps, the two steps and the unspoken steps that filled my month, battled the noise and warmed my heart. 

If you are participating in the Blog Hop in order, you've arrived here from Lynn's little corner of the world. Next up is Jen.  You can click through the entire list through the links below. For a compendium of my One Little Word journey so far, visit here.


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Happy August…..can't wait for Fall!