Welcome to the almost-last One Little Word Blog Hop! By now I think we all know the rules, but just in case you don't, here's a brief synopsis: Ali Edwards started an annual tradition of choosing a word for the year and leads a group of scrappers/artists/crafters/writers in her class One Little Word at Big Picture Classes. A few of us have participated in a monthly blog hop where we share our projects and reflections from the month. Big, big thanks to Margie for always keeping us on track and for the other participants who continually bring me fresh perspective and lovely eye candy. You can revisit my OLW Blog Hop posts, or stay tuned for 2012. Some good things shouldn't come to an end!

If you're going in order then you've officially completed the Hop, as I'm the last stop this month. You've arrived here from Cindy's little corner of the web and, if you started somewhere in the middle your next stop is stop #1, Margie. Thanks for stopping by!

I am so in denial. DECEMBER? Really? I'm smart enough to realize that it comes at the same time every year, but for some reason it always tends to sneak up on me. I'm immediately thrown into the 'uh oh….how close am I to those goals I set for the year?' but all too soon realize that I don't really even remember the goals I set for the year. Because life takes over, and to-do lists grow, and time flies even when we're not having fun.

The first of each month in 2011, though, has been a reconnection for me of sorts, thanks to Margie and the OLW Blog Hop that she so diligently organizes. If this blog hop didn't exist, and I didn't have the accountability of people visiting to make sure I got it done, Ali's class would have been yet another notch on my good-intentions belt. Instead, I've kept my word for 2011–become–in mind and (probably more importantly) in sight. I've made time, even if it's only an hour a month, to get my fingers inky and stick paper to paper. I've reflected, journaled, cried, laughed and rejoiced because I love this little community that Margie has nurtured.

So this month's prompt was a revisit of sorts in terms of design. I have to admit…..I'ma bit tired of the 'trading card' look. But I love the 'I….' prompts. They remind me of a poem I had to write in Mr. Hertel's English class because they boil everything down to bare bones. I am guilty of sometimes forgetting that less really is more, especially when it comes to writing, so having a finite amount of room challenges me in a way a full blank page doesn't.

I'm going to dig out that English project today, because another favorite thing of mine, #Reverb11, starts today and I think it's a perfect fit. In the meantime, though, I hope you'll visit the rest of the lovely ladies on the blog hop (complete list below) and dive into December in whatever way fills your soul with warmth, joy and laughter.