Welcome to November's One Little Word Blog Hop! By now I'm sure you're aware of why we do what we do….but if you're not, you can catch up with my own One Little Word posts here. This month you've come from Julie Ann's blog and after you're finished reading here, you'll hop on over to visit Sam. As always, a great big thank you to Margie for keeping us all on track!  If you get lost, the full list of participants is at the end of this post.  Happy Fall :)


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I sometimes think that my life is one long string of  clichés ; thoughts, conversations, even entire days seem like they're brimming with them. Everything from how quickly time is passing to how much the kids have grown, I'm beginning to think that exchanging clichés is akin to answering 'I'm just tired' when someone asks 'what's wrong?'.  

There's nothing wrong with them, of course, and they wouldn't have wormed their way into our vernacular if they didn't resonate with us. Thing is, I'm beginning to wonder if they're just a cop out. A way to acknowledge what we really want to talk about without actually saying it. A way to say 'another month has passed and I'm afraid that I've wasted it' or 'as my kids get older so do I'; it's more socially acceptable–and, let's face it, easier–to just exchange surface observations and pat answers.

I started this OLW project with the thought of not really having much to share; I've blogged about Adam's big trip and my not being ready for it, posted the obligatory Halloween pictures to Facebook and generally thought the month had passed by without much to say. Then I opened the camera roll on my iPhone. Let me preface this by admitting that I'm a wanna be journaler. I've always admired those who keep a diary, who take the time to journal and sort through their thoughts and feelings. I'm lucky if I pull mine out once a month and complain that too much time has gone by, the do a little journal justification….you know, like the journal is judging me. 

But now I see that I've been carrying around my visual journal, courtesy of Apple. I captured my afternoon date with Erin to Junque Drawer where she tried on blingy hats and silly glasses; the tree in front of my home changing colors; the yellow rose that graced my desk for a full two weeks, reminding me that even on cloudy days there is sunshine; a reminder of Erin's innocence and joy as she exchanged notes with her own special fairy and the smiling faces of my kids at their own unique points in their journey.

I'm reminded that part of my word–become–requires that I just be. Day to day, in the moment, human, flawed, tired, sometimes inspired but often not. I found the quote in the middle (you can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one) on Facebook. For someone who's constantly talking about writing an intentional life story, that really hit home. So today I remember that intention, do what I can, and keep moving. 

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