Reverb10, Day 27. Ordinary Joy–Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year? Courtesy of  Brené Brown.

There are no truly ordinary moments in my house. Mundane, repetitive and common perhaps. But never ordinary. Can’t possibly be with the kids I live with. They see wonder in everything, are joyous when they have no logical reason to be happy and have far more energy than I remember ever having. They inspire me. Some days more than others, admitedly. Especially this day, earlier this month as I franticly prepped for a cookie exchange party:

What you don’t see is that the kitchen is a mess, I was exhausted and we were all fairly grouchy. Except Erin. Because she’d been waiting all day to help with the cakeballs.  She’s an aspiring chef, she says, but what that really means is that she spills sprinkles on the floor and licks the batter off the spatula. Ordinary? Perhaps. But she reminds me is that there is beauty in the ordinary. The gift of an ordinary day is something I have that countless others don’t. I forget that sometimes. I shouldn’t.

She also reminds me that she’s beautiful just because she is herself. It has nothing to do with combing her hair, or wearing nice clothes, or keeping a clean face. It has everything to do with her abandon as she licks the spatula, her appetite for all things sweet, and her unwavering belief that spilling sprinkles on the floor is, in fact, helpful. I have much to learn from my ordinary little girl.