Welcome to the July 1st One Little Word Blog Hop. Huge thanks to  Margie, who brings this whole hop together! If you're going in order, you've just visited Kathryn's site  and next on the list is Amanda. If you're bouncing around, you can find the entire list at the bottom of this post. And if you want to go back through my OLW posts and see what I've done so far, go here

This month's prompt was all about music, and we were encouraged to create a soundtrack for our word. Normally I'd love this, because I love music and can spend *ahem* far too much time adding songs to playlists and getting lost in the lyrics, the beat, the fantasy of it all. Want to know what I realized, though? I gravitate towards music that describes my reality. What I mean is, it was tough for me to put myself in a frame of mind in which my word–become–was framed in a positive light. I tend to go back to songs that describe the state I think my life is IN, not where I want it to be. So songs of longing, loss, wishing, etc, tend to win out over songs of hope, acceptance and growth.

Food for thought, no? Not that we need to be thinking all the time. That's part of what I'm learning right now….stop thinking so much! Start living more in the moment, letting things be and celebrating what is good.

I haven't yet created a page for my book in which my list will be stored. Heck, I don't even know if this is my final list. But for now, these songs fit. They acknowledge where I've been but more importantly look to where I will be. Tomorrow they may be different. 

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