How is it that I seem to go from virtually nothing to do to complete and utter overwhelm?

Intellectually, I know that if I’d just used that downtime more productively, I would be ready for some of this ensuing crazyiness. Then again, it wasn’t really downtime…it was mom time, mostly. The most rewarding and worthy job ever, it just doesnt’ pay my going rate. I also know that I thrive and flourish under pressure. But come on, I’m losing steam in my old age.

I’m even afraid to write out my to-do list…..books to write (yes, I said books–plural), workshops to script and prep, websites to rebuild and create, newsletters to publish, networking group to form and build, business to build, appointments to keep, clients to coach. LOVE it, just a bit overwhelmed.

And that’s not even considering the personal side….trip to San Fran soon (!!!), bestest friend coming to visit (!!!), big 4-0 is looming (I think I need to throw a party), trip to Chicago for wedding, Adam’s confirmation, two kids’ birthdays, thinking about grad school…….

Too bad I’m already over-caffeinated. Anyone have any tips to transform a tired mom into the Energizer Bunny? :)