I don't say this often enough, so I want to be sure I say it today: What a great day. Really. Started with work, interviewing someone for an upcoming magazine article and then meeting with one of my favorite people who just happens to be a coaching client. I am so incredibly blessed that I get to choose who I work with, and that I work with such inspiring and amazing people.

Then headed to Louisburg with the kiddos for our annual cider fest donuts trip. Something about those apple donuts that make us all happy. Adam was not happy, however, about posing for pictures. I reminded him that the first time I took him there he was downright giddy to sit on the bales and have pics taken. He then reminded me that at that particular time he was 6. I concede that he's smarter than I am.

Stopped by Somerset Winery for the first time. Awesome! I want to go there with girlfriends (or, dare I dream, an awesome guy), sit on the lawn with a bottle of red and listen to the live music. Too cool.

Then home to bake. Just the beginning of the weekend baking marathon. What cracked me up was that Erin admitted that they conspired to let the bananas get too ripe so I "would have to" make banana bread. Then she reminded me 'you know I like it better with chocolate chips, right?'. How could I let her down? We threw in a pumpkin bread and brownies too. Not right to wasted a warmed oven.

Finished a book,got great cuddle time, and surfed for new recipes. Add to all this the fact that I broke out my warm, fuzzy, Halloween socks to keep my tootsies warm despite the fact that I can't bring myself to close the windows and I you have my definition of a (nearly) perfect day.