It’s the theme of my life…..always so much to do, always waiting until the very last minute to do it. Take this post for example……I told myself I’d get up at 5 and get busy downstairs. It’s now 7:19 and I’ve blog-surfed, downloaded pics (some from Halloween, for crying out loud), visited my favorite message board to see what my friends are up to and generally wasted about 2 hours. Meanwhile, the Christmas decorations are still sitting in bins, the pallette of product plus the 30 cases of salsa that came in are still sitting in piles and none of my bows are made.

I had such great plans for these last few days off…….but none of that materialized. Wait–I take that back. None of the work goals materialized. Instead, I cooked a big dinner for Thanksgiving, I hung out with the kids and read books and watched tv, I shopped for Christmas gifts. So now I go back to work tomorrow and I’m already dreading it. It’s not even noon on Sunday yet–usually I don’t get “Monday dread” until dinner on Sunday. But it’s here already :(

Anyway, enough babbling. Here are a few pics from Halloween, Adam’s program, another of a rose that was growing on Wednesday night in my garden as it was snowing outside, and a couple of a snowman ornament I received in a swap. Oh yeah–swaps–need to get busy on those, too!! Yikes.