Blog land is getting completely boring these days…..not much going on but work, kids, laundry, dishes, work, etc……doesn’t make for interesting posting material. So, a few random things this early Thursday morning:

1. I got up and did yoga this morning–reminds me of just how tight and out of shape my body is. Felt good to stretch and move.
2. Loving the thunderstorms–for some reason they calm me. Just wish it would stay cool instead of getting warm & muggy.
3. I am totally behind on getting basket inventory posted and sold. I inventoried all of it, just need to get it all up online and see if anyone wants to buy any. Goal for this weekend.
4. Papers have been mailed to begin the divorce process. Now I wait.
5. I miss scrapping–haven’t made anything in forever. Signed up for the Page’s garage sale so maybe by purging and organizing I’ll get my mojo back.
6. Disappointed–part of the reason I changed jobs was so that I’d be out meeting other people instead of stuck in an office reviewing sanitary sewer easements. Instead I’m stuck in an office with my less than stellar employee base.
7. I miss cooking and baking interesting food. My beyond-tight budget combined with the kids’ fondness of all things familiar means I don’t make anything interesting anymore. I miss my Saturdays of reading through new cookbooks and choosing new recipes to experiment with.
8. The end of the school year is approaching……still trying to figure out what to do with the boys for the summer.
9. Have been sending out resumes for various positions. No bites yet.
10. Erin still has hives. They are coming & going and I can’t figure out why.
11. Despite all the random annoyances, I’m feeling calm and happy. Happy Thursday everyone :)