You know those times when you can barely form a complete sentence, much less an interesting paragraph? If not, I’m jealous (and maybe just a little bit bitter, but we won’t go there). If so, you’ll understand why my thoughts these days come in random snippets rather than engaging prose.

Among them:

*Just how many ‘new beginnings’ are we allowed in life? Is it like the whole ‘nine lives’ theory for cats? If so, Lisa’s in trouble……

*Just how twisted is it to be flipping through TV, settle on watching Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, and find yourself thinking “Dr. Drew is really kinda hot”……

*I’m thinking of running for office on the singlular platform that Taylor Swift should NOT be on every. damn. radio. AND. TV. channel. I. flip. to.

*I think that every online dating site should have people who proof every profile and tell people honestly when they come across as lame, desperate, or worst of all scary. Then again, the sites would then be much less entertaining.

*This morning, as always, I am glad for a few stolen hours of quiet but secretly counting the minutes until the kids come running through the door with hugs and giggles. It’s just not the same without them here.