(1) The weekend is far too short. Obvious, I know, but still true.
(2) Spent lots of time making homemade marinara sauce……yummy!; homemade chicken minestrone……yummy!; homemade cookies & brownies……way too yummy! :)
(3) I had been wavering before, but I know now for sure that I’m done with the gift business. At least the providing of gifts business. I do not make nearly enough money to put up with everyone’s demands, temper tantrums that the ribbon comes in gold but not in silver, people’s comments about how much money I make “off of them”, etc. I would love to develop the marketing/consulting idea for other gift biz owners, but I am so fried I’m done. If I recant on this in February when I’ve recovered from making 300 baskets in a weekend, someone please come kick my oversized backside 😉
(4) I am contemplating having a real tree this year. I haven’t had a real Christmas tree since I was single….I love the smell and the warmth it adds to the home. Might have to do that this year.
(5) I think Erin should have a pink tree in her room. Just because she’s cute and she can :)
(6) there are entirely too many smileys in this post for it being a Monday where I’m stuck at work. :)