I never get tired of talking about music. My kids get tired of me talking about it, or telling them to shush so I can listen to a song they know I've heard a bazillion times. I can't help it. The good memories I have of my mother revolve around music; she'd pile us in the car, buy us all snowballs, and drive around town for hours while we listened to music. Some of the music I don't even remember anymore; other songs, though, will probably stick with me forever. There was 'Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue' that she'd sing over and over again when my parents split up, Rod Stewart's Do You Think I'm Sexy that she'd dance to in the kitchen and anything Elton John. Now that I think about it, the love of Elton John might be just about the only thing we have in common.

I remember our little house on Maple, when I must have been about 5 years old, and having a 'sleep over' on the living room floor with my babysitter because mom & dad were going to an Elton John concert. All that time ago–the early '70's–Elton John was in Hays, Kansas, singing this very song that today I call the one I'd listen to over and over if I had to choose just one song for forever. There is an innocence to it that makes me cry, and a joy in the words that celebrates pure love in a way that I've always admired. The vulnerability from just the piano and his voice, and those sweet sentiments that cut through the crap and to the core of what really matters: what more is there to say when someone says 'how wonderful life is while you're in the world'?

Thanks to Geekin' Hard for the prompt: Music is powerful – Think of one song that you turn to time and again, and describe why it's important to you.