#reverb13, Day 3:  Listen to your heart (prompt from Kat McNally)

Today, I want to share with you a life-changing practice I discovered with the help of Rachael Maddox during her gorgeous Do It Meaningfully challenge.

Each day for 31 days, I sat quietly for a few moments with my eyes closed and my hand on my heart and asked, “Heart: what do you need?”

And then I listened. Sometimes the answer cam in the form of a word. Sometimes an image. Sometimes a sensation.

Try this today. What does your heart have to tell you?

Can I be honest? I read this prompt this morning and cringed. Not because it’s not a valid question or a lovely practice; but because I truly suck at listening to myself. I don’t listen to my body, I don’t listen to my gut and I certainly don’t listen to my heart. It’s not a characteristic or a habit that I’m proud of, but it’s true.

It’s true because my actions all too often belie what I know to be true. I know that my heart wants me to be as gentle with myself as I am with others. I know that my heart wants to be fed, nurtured, appreciated, adored, respected and loved. I know that my heart wants to block out all the shoulds…the ‘you should be over that by now’ and the ‘you should know better’ and the ‘you should just forget about it and move on’s and instead be given what it really needs: a safe space to grieve, to cry, to hurt and then to heal.

It needs me to hear, not just listen.

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I’m thankful to Kat McNally and the Project Reverb team for providing prompts for #reverb13. If you’re unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is #reverb, you can read about it at Kat’s place. I plan to participate as much as possible this year, and I’m excited to see Kat’s prompts pop up in my inbox each day. It’s never too late to join, if you’re so inclined.