Day 5: If your life was a television show, what would its theme song be? What music would be cued at the start of the show or when you entered a scene?

When I was growing up I lived for Casey Kasem's countdowns, especially the end of the year extravaganzas that let me listen to the hundred 'hottest' songs of the year. I'd camp out on my bedroom floor, fingers eagerly perched on both the record and play buttons of my cassette player, determined to catch my favorites from the radio and thankful when a dud played (snack and bathroom time, not always in that order). It's one of the rare good things I attribute to my mother, because she fostered a love of music in us growing up. Some of my good memories with her were driving around in our car, snowballs in hand, listening to the radio. 

Times have changed and  iTunes may have replaced the gravelly mix tapes that I treasured, but my affinity for music hasn't waned. I've been disloyal to genres, bouncing from pop to country to reggae and back so many times I've lost count. I don't pretend to be cool when it comes to music and know that these days I live firmly planted in suburbia rather than the urban culture that helped me expand my horizons so many years ago. Coolness be damned, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga most often comprise the soundtracks of a typical day. 

Still, there's music that speaks to me. This year, of course, Adele was at the top of that list. She was at the top of everyone's list, even the 11 year old boys at Nicholas' birthday party, who spontaneously burst into 'Someone Like You' between frames at Mission Bowl. Then there's been my beloved but often maligned Sugarland, who gave me Little Miss and Fall Into Me. I gave in to loving Lady Gaga for You and I, adore Cee Lo Green for the ultimate kiss off anthem (warning–this NOT the 'Forget You' version) and appreciate Adam Levine for more than his sultry lyrics and catchy melodies. I miss The Dixie Chicks, Mary Chapin Carpenter (even though Ri reminded me she had something new out) and all-time classics Billy Joel and Elton John. 

But, by and far, it was Sara Bareilles who spoke to me this year. She's poppy, plays nice when kids are in the audience and, to a casual listener, quite 'safe' as pop culture fodder. The real Sara, though, curses too much, sounds better in person than recorded and writes lyrics that alternate between sarcastic and witty to those that cut right to the heart. Gravity and Gonna Get Over You fit me earlier this spring and King of Everything fits me everyday. But this one–Many the Miles–this is the one I hope would be my theme song. 

Note: there are several sources of prompts this year for Reverb. Today's prompt was courtesy of #ReSound11