December 11, 2014 prompt: What tiny rituals: signal that your day is starting; help you ease into a creative project; give you closure from an intensive task; or mark other significant milestones in your day? What new rituals would you like to create in the new year?

If rituals were wishes and mornings were fun, I’d wake up all happy and get so much done. Morning pages would flow like coffee and cream, and sun salutations would be routine.  I’d take time to meditate, and I’d do it right; breathing in deeply, with an intent to “be the light.” I’d work from a list, and be productive as hell; instead of reality, where best intentions dwell.


I pine after routines, especially the morning sort. This has been a transition year, the first in more than ten that I haven’t had to drive someone to school. I thought that would make me more productive; after all, I work from home. Not being required to leave the house before I start my work day should be a good thing.

Truth is, though, that it’s been a bit of a pit. I can have one more cup of coffee. Then another. I can check just one more thing online. Then another. The minutes fly by and the day’s partly done before I realize that I haven’t done anything with my yoga mat but step over it on the way downstairs to refill my mug.

That’s something that needs to change. I’d like to get back to morning pages; a couple of years ago I’d do two every day without fail, and my writing was better. My head was clearer. I had moleskins full of ideas that I could refer to when I felt the well run dry.

I’d also like to get back into a regular yoga practice. I crave the stretch, the bend, the hold. I miss how my abs ache after a slowly counted boat pose, how my joints snap, crackle and pop when I move into twisted sage, and how my entire body exhales when I fold into downward dog.

I’d also like to work on filling myself with info and inspiration before I start pouring out words. I’d like to read, journal, even bake something; anything, really, that isn’t work for someone else. Somewhere I read about someone who does that, but for the life of me I can’t remember who. She called it filling the well, before she spends the rest of the day emptying it. I remember thinking how wise that approach is; perhaps it’s time to try it, rather than just admiring people who actually do.